ACI Technical Services (Pty) Limited (ACI) is a well-established supplier and system integrator of online analytical instrumentation & sample conditioning systems to various industry sectors for more than 18 years. Our technical, sales, project management and service departments have over 80 years’ collective experience that includes the capability to design, supply, install, commission, service and maintain on-line analysers and sampling systems. Our product range comprises of leading brands relative to their market sector focus.  

Based in Gauteng, South Africa with a fully equipped laboratory for testing and specific analyser chemical re-agent production that is aligned to an ISO9001 standard, we have unique positioning and provide a broad skill set that is unmatched in the industries we service. 

Our Level 2 B-BBEE certification, in accordance to regulatory standards for preferential procurement, has awarded us the pleasure of working with key clients such as Eskom, Rand Water, Umgeni Water, Johannesburg Water, National Metrology Institute of South Africa, Sasol Synfuels, Engen, Chevron, NATREF, Petrosa, Mondi, Sappi and major consulting engineering firms.  

We are registered as a CIDB 7ME company as well as National Treasury (CSD) compliant.  

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the market leader of on-line analytical instrumentation and sample conditioning systems in South Africa. 

Our Mission and values

Our mission as a company is to create long-term value for our customers and employees through passionate commitment to excellence and a disciplined management process which together drive sustained competitive advantage in a dynamic market. We achieve success by introducing industry-leading technology and delivering results for customers. 

Our values are deeply rooted within the company and reflect our internally disciplined character. Our continuous improvement toward being a well-managed, results-oriented, engineering-driven organisation whose people have a passion for progress and a commitment to excellence is what sets us apart from the rest. We constantly strive to be better partners with our customers and to be more connected, pioneering and more customer centric than our competitors. 

Our disciplined management process enables the company to focus on creating value while anticipating a constantly changing economic and technological industry. This management process emphasises current and long-term planning, disciplined control, and clear priorities. We leverage the combined resources and know-how of our businesses for the benefit of our customers. 

Our Offerings

  • Steam water and cycle chemistry sample conditioning analysis  
  • Water and waste water treatment  
  • Environmental and emissions  
  • Generator and stator cooling  
  • Gas purity analysers  
  • Moisture and dew point

Some of our projects

Eskom DuvhaSupply, Install, Commission of on-line analysersR 3,319,140.00 2YR31-Dec-10
Eskom MajubaThe supply delivery and installation of 21 sodium analysersR 1,396,915.00 2MO25-Mar-11
Eskom CamdenSupply & Installation of dissolved O2 meterR 511,050.003MO29 April 2011
Eskom DuvhaReplacement of stator water pH and conductivity analysers on Units 1  to 6R 390,980.001YR15-May-12
Eskom MatlaInstallation of sampling systemsR 2,996,100.003YR31-May-14
Eskom KomatiThe installation of a conditioning and corrosion product sampling system on the HP heaters distillate drain linesR 4,020,000.003YR30-Jun-14
Eskom KomatiSample conditioning and Analyser Systems, Condensate Dosing and Boiler Dosing Systems, Design and InstallationR 20,393,162.225YR30-Jun-10
Eskom KomatiServicing and Maintenance of chemical on-line instrumentationR 5,155,389.495YR30-Jul-18
Eskom ArnotService, Maintenace and Spares of Online InstrumentaionR 1,898,499.003YR30-Mar-15
Veolia WaterSupply of Analysers for Tutuka WTPR 427,725.001YRJune 2015
Eskom MedupiLaboratory and On-Line AnalysersR 71,829,287.0010YRCURRENT
Eskom CamdenSupply & Install Corrosion Product Sampling and Conditioning  of HP Heater Distillate LinesR 3,586,670.201YR30-Sep-11
Hwange Power StationInstallation Commissioning of online analysersR 12,500,000.004MO 31 October 2011
Eskom HendrinaThe upgrade of economiser inlet sample corrosion product sampling and conditioning of HP heater distillate drain linesR 4,870,930.00 1YR26-Feb-11
Eskom HendrinaThe installation of Wet Steam Sampling Lines on Boilers 6 – 10R 2,032,397.503YR14-Nov-14
Eskom HendrinaMaintenance and service of analysers units 1-12R 5,189,332.003YR29 February 2015
Eskom GrootvleiCorrosion Product Sampling and Conditioning on HP heater distilate drainsR 2,307,892.001YR30 November 2010 (extended to 30 April 2013)
Rand WaterSupply, Install, Commission of Toxicity AnalyserR 781,000.003MO16-Oct-17
Engen RefineryMoisture in Hydrogen DrierR 1,600,000.005 MOJan-18
Tshwane MunicipalityOzone AnalysersR 1,200,000.003MONov-16