ETG 6500

Biogas Analyser


The ETG 6500series of gas analyzers by ETG it’s the ideal solution for biogas measurement andindustrial combustion applications because of their accuracy, stability, reliability, broadmeasurement range, and the variety of available form factors.Unlike other analyzers, ETG 6500 non‐dispersive infrared (NDIR) gas analyzers measure multiplegases in an instrument with a single optical path platform.Single‐gas analyzers are inadequate when using methane as a biofuel because the gas often containslarge amounts of CO as a contaminant. ETG analyzers have the ability to measure CO2, CO, and O2 inaddition to methane and therefore provide the optimal combination of gases for combustionoptimization.The enhanced optics and electronics of our NDIR analyzers have virtually eliminated zero drift afterthe initial warm up period. The temperature and pressure compensation eliminates the major causesof span drift in many NDIR instruments.

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