Michell Easidew IS

Dew-Point Hygrometer for Hazardous Area


The Easidew I.S. (intrinsically safe) transmitter is a dew-point transmitter designed and certified for use in hazardous area applications (flammable or explosive gases) in all regions with certification from: IECEx, CSA, FM and ATEX. The Easidew I.S. is available with a 5/8″ UNF process connection or alternatively with a G1/2″ BSP or 3/4″ UNF process connection. It is designed for ease of use, incorporating all of the features needed to make installation and operation into your air or gas management system as simple as possible. Michell’s Advanced Ceramic Moisture Sensor technology based transmitter is calibrated to international standards and is delivered with a traceable calibration certificate.

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